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How to Download and Use Software HT Motorola GP 2000 Programming for Your Two-Way Radio

Download Software HT Motorola GP 2000 Programming

If you own a Motorola GP 2000 two-way radio, you might want to know how to program it according to your needs and preferences. Programming your radio allows you to customize its settings and functions, access different frequencies and channels, and enhance its performance and security. In this article, we will show you how to download software HT Motorola GP 2000 programming, what are the requirements and steps for programming your radio, and some tips and tricks for making the most out of your radio.

Download Software Ht Motorola Gp 2000 Programming

What is Motorola GP 2000?

Motorola GP 2000 is a sleek and compact portable radio that offers advanced features for added value. It is equipped with a handsfree earpiece that provides convenience, audio clarity, and privacy to users in diverse applications, such as manufacturing, hotels, retail, and other service industries. It has 99 channels that allow you to organize your work teams into talk groups, increasing the flexibility of your radio. It also has a front panel programming feature that lets you customize and reset your radio profiles while on the go without the need for additional equipment. It has a long battery life that allows you to enjoy up to 8 hours of talktime without the need to charge or carry additional batteries during a typical 8-hour work shift. It also has an 8-digit alpha-numeric and iconic display that shows critical information such as channel alias, frequency number, battery and signal strength indicators. It supports various types of tone and carrier squelch, private lines, digital private lines, priority scan, selective call, nuisance channel delete, time-out timer, adjustable squelch level, coded squelch, talk around, receive-only channel, and more.

Features and specifications of Motorola GP 2000

Here are some of the main features and specifications of Motorola GP 2000:


TypeHandheld portable radio

SystemAnalog conventional

Frequency bandVHF: 136-174 MHzUHF: 350-390 MHz / 403-440 MHz / 435-480 MHz

Power outputVHF: 1-5 wattsUHF: 1-4 watts

Number of channels99

Battery lifeUp to 8 hours on high powerUp to 14 hours on low power(with standard NiMH battery)

Display8-digit alpha-numeric LCD with icons

KeypadLimited keypad with display or full keypad with display dcd2dc6462


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