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Serial Number Prism Video File Converter Plus Iphone

-overwrite [OVERWRITE_FLAG] - specifies what to do when the converted file already exists. The flags are "PROMPT" (Prompt for What to Do), "ALWAYS" (Overwrite the File), "NEVER" (Don't Convert the Original File), "CANCEL" (Abort All Conversions), "APPENDNUMBER [format]" (Append number to filename - [format] is optional, if blank it will use the format already specified in Prism).

serial number prism video file converter plus iphone


If you are currently using a Prism Personal Perpetual License (non-expiring) please submit your request at with your Prism serial number and we'll be happy to help you transfer to your replacement computer.

Once you have updated to the current release, and when you are ready to install on the new computer, just submit your request at with your serial number to let us know and we will permanently deactivate Prism from the old computer and send you a new download link so you can install Prism on the new computer.

This fast and safe video converter didn't use above 2% CPU usage ? when we converted the iPhone HEVC 4K recordings to a 1080P H.264 MP4 file. After the conversion, the file size dropped to 10.6MB without any visible downgrading in video quality.

Customizing the encoding settings is also allowed. However, exporting the converted video with desired codecs, size, and quality in Avidemux is often an error and trial process for most users. The interface of this free video converter is too out of date and displays many unexplained setting options. Aside from being a free video file converter for PC, Mac, Linux, and BSD, Avidemux also serves as a basic video editor and allows you to cut, rotate, crop, denoise, stabilize video files, etc.

The converting speed of Avidemux is average. In our test, it took around 8 minutes for this free movie converter to convert a short piece of 720P MP4 MPEG4 video to MP4 H.264. Its biggest con is the high CPU and memory usage which makes it not possible to run other programs when converting video files.

Adobe Media Encoder is a top-notch paid video converter. It's capable of converting almost all the existing video codecs, so there is no worry about codec things when applying this serious video converter to transcode or remux video files. Besides, it enables the dynamic link with Adobe series products. This brings much convenience for video editing experts who need to polish a large number of videos that come in different codecs.

In the output-format setting tab of Adobe Media Encoder, you're going to see a great number of lossless formats options. This makes Adobe Media Encoder the best video converter software for people whose target is getting some lossless video files.

HandBrake took 2.8 hours to convert an ISO file in our test. What is worth noticing is this free video converter failed to scan some titles of the imported ISO files for the first few times.

Since VLC is mainly a media player software that moonlights as a workable video converter, in comparison with those professional converters, VLC has a limited output format support and presets. It does not output VP9, ProRes, ProRes 422HQ, ProRes 422, ProRes 422LT, etc. However, professional video converters, such as VideoProc Converter, support almost all the said formats. The availability of 10+ options for tweaking the output file parameters perhaps is not for the faint of heart.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, developed by Digiarty, is a GPU-accelerated HD and 4K Video Converter. It is user-friendly and has a simple layout. As a multiple media converter, it can transcode a variety of videos including 60FPS/120FPS 4K UHD videos and Facebook videos to more compatible or higher compressed files.

If you are looking for the best file converter software with useful video editing capabilities, then you'd love Shutter Encoder. It is chock full of integrated features, allowing you to convert video codecs from one to another, burn subtitles to your videos, trim/crop footage, download web videos/music, record your screens, and more.

Xmedia Recode, which comes with 16.6MB of installer file, is absolutely a lightweight video converter. The supporting list of input and output video codecs of this best video conversion software is totally the same as HandBrake. But, it is widely regarded as the "HandBrake +" solution on Windows. Why? This compact video converter software can export 30+ video and audio formats including AVI, OGG, MOV, and many other files that are not supported by HandBrake.

It comes with many options that allow to fine-tune video and audio encoder parameters. The built-in bitrate calculator helps you to avoid the whopping large output that is frequently seen when using HandBrake. In addition, this free video file converter has more useful presets for TVs and smartphones (iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, etc.) than HandBrake does.

To convert the test DVD disk to MPEG-2 MP4, this free video converter for Windows took over an hour. Be aware, Xmedia Recode, in some cases, might eat up your memory, e.g., it took up to 2500MB of memory to convert our HEVC video to a VP8 file.

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate is a professional conversion tool that can handle various video or audio format conversion. No matter if it is a popular MP4 format file or an unusual format with a complex codec, the converter always delivers you a suitable and pleasant result.

To ease your burden of selecting a right format for output, FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate presets with a complete list of device profiles so that you can effortlessly convert video for an easy playback. For advanced users, the converter also features with useful customization options to tweak video parameters.

Prism Video Converter has better performance than a lot of high-cost video converters in terms of CPU and memory usage. Whether we turned the high-compressed HEVC 4K video to 720P MPEG-2 clips or transcoded the large ISO video file to H.264 MPEG, the CPU usage rate didn't surpass 32%, and the memory usage didn't go larger than 300MB.

MacX Video Converter Pro is the go-to toolkit for a lot of macOS users to convert and download videos. It is well accepted for being professional in dealing with hundreds of media formats and for amazing fast speed with hardware acceleration support. With this safe video converter for Mac, you can remux or re-encode video files to solve codec format incompatible issues whether you run into the problem during video playback or when importing video for post-production, in iMovie for example.

With the built-in downloader and compression engine, MacX Video Converter Pro makes it possible to convert online videos for watching later and shrink the size of HD or UHD videos. However, it might not be the best video converter for you. It won't convert DVD videos or any type of audio files. The integrated editing toolset needs some improvements as it doesn't enable you to apply subtitles, special effects, or any other edits.

MacX Video Converter Pro is a very fast video converter software on Mac. We tested it with many videos recorded by iPhone and DJI drones, it averagely can fulfill the conversion at a speed 5x faster than the real-time playback, and all the exported files are in nice quality.

However, it works faster than the said Prism Video Converter and most free video file converters. To give an example, the time is 3 minutes for FFworks converting the 27.2MB 1080P MP4 file with a length of 40 seconds to 33MB 720P AVI video.