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The Importance Of Being EldestSurvivor : Season...

Halfdan and Aasa had issue Eystein Halfdansson, 725-780, Jarl of Vestfold, Ringerike, Hadeland, and the Opplands. He married Hild Ericsdottir, 730-790, her name deriving from the Old Norse Hildr, meaning battle, daughter of Eric Agnarsson, Jarl of the Vend district of Vestfold. Eric had no son, and, on his death, Halfdan and Eystein took possession of the whole of Vestfold, which Eystein ruled until his untimely death. What happened was that Eystein, not being content with his own fiefdom, had raided the lands of Jarl Skjold of Varna. Skjold was not the sort of man to send for a lawyer. He gave chase in his longship. Eystein was not to be caught, however, being struck by the boom of one of his own ships sailing alongside, thus killing him. 'His men fished up his body, and it was carried into Borre, where a mound was thrown up over it, out towards the sea at Raden, near Vodle. [Ynglinga Saga, ch. 51.] This was of tremendous importance, for what gave future generations legitimacy to rule was that it was their ancestor buried in the mound; a very visible form of importance.

The Importance of Being EldestSurvivor : Season...


Professor Freeman used court evidence - Rot. Orig. Cur. Scac. i. 86 - to identify that a son of Bernard de Ifferley was called William de Stanhope. He made the assumption that Bernard's grandson, Richard de Stanhope, was the son of this William. This does not agree with the lineage given by 5th. Earl Stanhope, better known as Lord Mahon, also an eminent historian, who, in 1835, was under secretary for foreign affairs. He was interested in antiquities, being a trustee of the British Museum, and in 1869 founded the Historical Manuscripts Commission. His works continue to be of great importance on account of his unique access to antiquarian manuscripts. I have every faith in the accuracy of what he reports. He worked closely with his friend, the eminent academic and antiquary, Sir Henry Ellis. 041b061a72


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