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Stained Glass Basics: Techniques, Tools, Projects Free Download

Making a stained glass project takes between a few hours to days, depending on the size of the project. Many of the assignments listed in the online courses we described involve two- or three-hour-long classes. With practice, small stained glass projects emerge within only hours.

Stained Glass Basics: Techniques, Tools, Projects Free Download

Acrylic paint provides the best paint for stained glass projects. To achieve the classic stained glass look, mix acrylic paint with glue. Depending on how heavily you apply the acrylic paint, your stained glass piece will appear more transparent or opaque.

What do you think of when you imagine stained glass? Perhaps you picture a church, or some other centuries-old, grand building. Perhaps it feels unattainable that you could inject such bold light and color into your home. But with the constant innovation of new methods and tools, it is more and more accessible to create small-scale yet beautiful glass pieces.

Learn the Copper Foil (Tiffany) method of stained glass by making a small panel of your favorite dog or cat breed. This project is a stepping stone to other stained glass projects. In this class, you will have use of all tools needed for the project, as well as supplies such as copper foil, flux, solder and practice glass. Glass for your project will have to be purchased. We will have glass available for purchase, (about $10-15 for 12"x12" sheet) or you may bring your own.

Thank you, Heather, for the free SVG file for the stained glass window. I am so intrigued with your process! I am a beginner and have only done one piece from Spellbound Miniatures but I am so amazed at the talent I am seeing with those who use the Cricut Machine to make miniatures! It has opened up a whole new world for me!

I thought for this very first Glass Goddess blog post I would scratch the surface of getting started with making stained glass by discussing one of the most important parts about beginning your own project. Picking or creating the design! With the very first piece you make it will be likely that you will be using a template that is provided to you by an instructor or online source. If you have limited experience, I highly recommend getting comfortable by using a premade pattern on your first project. There are great resources online that offer free downloadable patterns such as,, and There are also many sites that offer patterns you can pay to download.

These fun blocks can be used on their own for a small mug rug, or several can be stitched together to make a stained glass table runner or even a full quilt. Check out these videos for more quilting projects.


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