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Castlevania.Lords.of.Shadow.Ultimate.Edition.Update.1-WaLMaRT Game

Updated June 22, 2022, by Jeff Drake: It's become rare for the price of retro games to have static values - and, let's face it, the 11-year-old 3DS is now a retro system. A game that was bought for a few dollars yesterday may be worth sixty dollars tomorrow. In recognition of the fact that the value of games fluctuates, this list has once again been updated to ensure the prices listed below are accurate. This update has also added a few additional titles and ranked them accordingly.

Castlevania.Lords.of.Shadow.Ultimate.Edition.Update.1-WaLMaRT game


The Kirby franchise began on the original Gameboy. Even though Kirby games appeared on home consoles from time to time, it was the handheld games that most gamers seem to remember best. The gameplay in Planet Robobot is similar to the previous Kirby games; it is a side-scrolling platformer. The ability to inhale enemies to gain their special abilities is still present, and Planet Robobot even lets Kirby use a powerful mech suit.

This game is steadily rising in price and has seen its value double over the past year. If fans want this game, it might be best to buy it now, as the price is probably only going to increase as supply diminishes. A loose cart sells for around $35, a complete-in-bow copy for about $60, and a new version is valued at around $80.

Is there a video game system that this game hasn't been released on? Oregon Trail was one of the first edutainment games. In it, players (and their families) would have to travel from Missouri to Oregon on their covered wagon. The player had to make the right choices and balance resource usage in an effort to try and prevent disaster.

The 3DS version is more visually appealing than the original game, which was released in 1974. The camera view is now a third-person view from behind the wagon instead of the original side view. A loose game is valued at around $50. A complete-in-box game is worth about $75, and a new copy sells for around $130.

This game is very rare, but it is also not one that gamers tend to hang onto like a Grand Theft Auto title. Even so, anyone who wants to get a copy of this game should be prepared to pay anywhere from $55 to $65 dollar; however, the price can go up to $150 depending on the condition. There are currently numerous copies available on eBay as of the writing of this update. Get one now while supply is high and demand is low.

The Radiant Historia games are role-playing games that are highly regarded by players and critics. There are many copies available on eBay with a large variation in price. Expect to pay around $75 dollars for a loose game card and about $100 for a new, still sealed, copy.

The Shin Megami Tensai series has been around for a long, long time. Many gamers consider this franchise the origin of creature-collecting games; a genre of RPG that Pokemon would later make popular. Devil Survivor Overclocked is a remaster of the original Devil Survivor for the DS.

Like many Atlus games, this one did not have a large production run. The result is that this game's price hasn't changed much from its original retail price - something common to games from Atlus. A loose cart can be found for as low as $50, but be prepared to pay $65. A new copy can be bought for around $80.

This game is rare to see anywhere other than from online vendors and eBay listings. Prices for a loose game card can go as high as $60. Complete-in-box prices are, on average, around $60. New, still sealed copies range from $75 to $100.

Many gamers only know of Phoenix Wright from his appearance as a playable character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. However, there are several Phoenix Wright story-based puzzle games that involve trials in court. The Professor Layton series is more of a straight puzzle game than the Phoenix Wright games but is also story-driven. This puzzle game from Capcom combines the two franchises. in addition to being rare, it is also praised by critics and players

Professor Layton games for the 3DS generally carry a hefty price tag these days. This is a pity because these games are amusing, and at times challenging, puzzle games. In this installment, the Professor and his assistant travel the world looking to uncover the secrets surrounding an ancient civilization called the Azran.

The prices for this rare 3DS game are comparable to the Professor Layton vs. Pheonix Wright crossover. A cart-only purchase will be somewhere in the $90 - $100 range. A complete copy goes for approximately $120, and a new copy typically costs over $150.

Psychic Specters was the third version of Yo-Kai Watch 2. Only the most die-hard of fans are willing to buy a game three times - except for Madden fans who buy what is essentially the same game year after year. For those new to the Yo-Kai series, they are extremely close to the Pokemon games in playstyle.

For a Yo-Kai game, Psychic Specters isn't tremendously expensive, but gamers wanting to add this title to their 3DS collection should still expect to pay $100 for a loose cart, $140 for a complete-in-box copy, and $160 for a still sealed copy.

Metal Gear Solid 3D really showed off what the 3DS was capable of graphically. The controls had to be tweaked a little, but this game was a critical success. This title was criticized for being a little too "gimmicky," which stemmed from the use of the 3DS's gyroscope for some movements.

Most Metal Gear games hold their value over the years, and the 3DS version continues this tradition. Buying only the cart will cost $90 or so, $125 for a complete-in-box, and a new copy will cost around $180.

A loose game card typically sells for about $70 - $75 dollars. A complete-in-box copy, including the pins, sells for around $90. A new, still-sealed copy sells generally sells for about $125, but can be occasionally found for around $110.

Yep, another Yo-Kai game. This series started out hard to find, and now the demand is starting to outpace the supply. All of the Yo-Kai Watch games for the 3DS are sought after by collectors, and because of this, collectors can expect to pay quite a bit for them. This was the last in the series to be released for the 3DS and is by far the most highly valued. For those unfamiliar with the series, the Yo-Kai Watch games are somewhat similar to the Pokemon games; instead of cute little animals though, the player uses spirits.

This game, despite being incredibly fun, did not sell well in North America - it reportedly sold only about 4,000 copies. A loose game cart will cost fans around $140. For a new copy, be prepared to shell out about $200 to $250.

This isn't really a game. On top of that, if the "player" isn't in the famous Parisian museum named the Louvre then they have no reason to insert this game into their 3DS. This game was born from the partnership of the Louvre and Nintendo with the hope of modernizing the museum's audio tour.

How rare is this game? Well, for starters, this is probably the first time most gamers are hearing about it. Alien Chaos 3D is a side-scrolling action platformer with much better music than you would expect. Honestly, the music in this game is worth listening to apart from playing the game and features a lot of heavy-metal-sounding guitar riffs.

The action in the game is very much like early side scrollers like Mega-Man, but the game adds a cleaning mechanic. Players literally clean the stage as they kill the alien. A loose game sells for around $100 dollars. A complete-in-box copy sells for about $275, and new copies are valued at around $600. This is absolutely one of the rarest 3DS games out there.

In terms of riveting gameplay, Metroid: Samus Returns this is not. Barbie: Groom and Glam Pups lets the players select their pooch, groom them, change the color of their hair, clothe them and give them accessories, and then take pictures of them.

Let's be honest, this game is valuable now because nobody purchased it when it was out on store shelves. The makers of this game probably knew this and gave this game a very limited production run. There are probably thousands of gamers out there who wished they'd have picked this up from the clearance bin at Walmart when they had the chance. A loose cart fetches about $500, while a brand new copy will cost in the neighborhood of $1,000.

Graduate of Sam Houston State University -- Class of 2011 B.A. in History, minored in Political Science I have lived in the Houston TX area my whole life; love the winters...hate the summers. I have conducted scholarly research on, and written about, the use of ballooning for reconnaissance purposes during the U.S. Civil War, tort reform, voter initiatives and referendums, the formation of civilization, Ancient Rome, Mesopotamia, and the major religions. I am also an avid gamer and have researched the history of electronic entertainment extensively.

Xbox FPS Boost allows select backward-compatible Xbox games to run at double or even quadruple the original framerate without any developer input. So games you remember running at 30fps can now hit the heady heights of 60fps or even 120fps to make for an even better experience.

This feature is only available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, so if you're still using a last-gen console, we've got bad news, just because it requires the vastly increased CPU power of these newer platforms to run the games at a higher framerate.

We've assembled the complete list of titles applicable to this feature and details on what framerate the games used to run at, how they run now, and any other particulars worth noting. It's worth noting that some Xbox FPS Boost games are considered some of the best Xbox Game Pass games, so it's worth taking a look.

Xbox FPS Boost doesn't require any developer input but it is subject to certain restrictions. Some games might only be patched on one platform since a backward compatible Xbox One X version could already be running a game at 60fps. Other games might be very demanding and require the settings to drop down to the Xbox One or Xbox One S version of a game before increasing the framerate.

Just be aware that Microsoft has now finished updating older games through FPS Boost, so don't expect any further additions to this list. Still, if you've ever wanted to revisit a game but couldn't bear to play it at 30fps, then, check out the full list of FPS Boost-supported games below.


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